The Good Book of Pedantry and Wonder

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AuthorMoby Pomerance
DirectorJohn Langs
DatesJuly 31 - September 5 2010
LocationThe Boston Court Performing Arts Center


John MurrayJohn Getz
Jane MurrayMelanie Lora
Paul MurrayRyan Welsh
WynchellTravis Michael Holder
Mrs. YarrowGillian Doyle
OwenHenry Todd Ostendorf
SmythicTime Winters

Understudy Cast

John MurrayDavid Fruechting
Jane MurraySuzy Jane Hunt
Paul MurrayBrian Bellomo
WynchellDale Sandlin
Mrs. YarrowWendy Worthington
OwenBlake Griffin
SmythicDoug Sutherland

Production Team

Set and Light DesignBrian Sidney Bembridge
Original Music and Sound DesignBruno Louchouarn
Costume DesignDianne K. Graebner
Prop DesignChuck Olsen
Dialect CoachTracy Winters
Casting DirectorMichael Donovan
Stage ManagerKatharine Haan


“John Langs directs this world that looks so dusty and feels so fresh. Emotions are worn gently on sleeves, with tasteful touches of comedy layered throughout…flawless.” -Dany Margolies, Backstage, Critic’s Pick!

“Pomerance’s writing provides a veritable torrent of wit and erudition…This is exciting, newly forged theater gold, and it’s one of the best plays of the year.” -Terry Morgan, LAist

“With a playwright as clever and original as Pomerance providing the words, direction as sparkling as that of John Langs, and a cast as splendid as the one assembled on the stage of Theatre @ Boston Court, the journey from lights up to curtain calls is an enjoyable one indeed.” -Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Brilliant…clever and engaging.” -Trevor Thomas, Edge Los Angeles

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