AuthorTom Jacobson
DirectorTim Wright and Tara Flynn

Dates: March 4 – April 17, 2004

Location: 24th Street Theatre

RichardJoel McHale
Louis XVIJim Anzide
Marie AntoinetteMichaela Watkins
Duc De CoignyCasey Smith
Sister LouiseSarah Hartmann
Seaman/ Co-Fight CaptainDP Wichert
SeamanThomas Fiscella
SeamanMatt Ford
BarmaidJen Kays
Seaman/ Co-Fight CaptainDavid Holmes
Understudies:Julie Alexander,Jen Kays,Jacob Sidney Thia Stephan
Production Team:
ProducerStan Weightman Jr.
Associate ProducerJosh Costello
Associate ProducerMelanie Hermann
Associate ProducerValerie Gordon
Co-DirectorTara Flynn
Co-DirectorTim Wright
Assistant DirectorHolly Gabrielson
Set Designer/FXRichard Augustine
Lighting DesignerJonathan Klein
Sound Designer/ComposerTim Labor
Costume DesignerCynthia Herteg
Properties DesignerAli Hisserich
Scenic Artist/Floor DesignKatia Kaplan
Fight ChoreographyDavid Holmes
Fight ChoreographyDP Wichert
Technical DirectorJennifer A. Skinner
Lighting Board Op/Sound Board OpMary Lou Ahlenius
Graphics/ Program DesignMark Hesselgrave
House ManagerRoss Mackenzie
Assistant House ManagerJulianna Robinson
Production PhotographerErin Fiedler
VideographerNancy Fassett
WebmasterAnthony Backman
Stage ManagerChristi Vadovic
Assistant Stage ManagerHeather Hisserich


LA Weekly Award Nominations:
Fight Choreography (David Holmes)
Costume Design (Cynthia Herteg)
Set Design (Richard Augustine)
Production Design
Leading Male Performance (Joel McHale)
Supporting Female Performance (Sarah Hartmann)

LA Times Critic’s Choice

Backstage West: Recommended Pick


“In a refreshingly original and imaginative debut staging from Circle X Theatre Company, Tom Jacobson’s “Sperm” combines the literary DNA of 18th century French drama with postmodern irony to spawn a whale of a tale (literally – the title refers to the species of leviathans that have loomed large in symbolic portent since Jonah’s night sea journey). History, mythology, poetry and scatological puns collide with dazzling ingenuity in Jacobson’s quirky seriocomic gem, composed entirely in rhyming iambic pentameter.” — Phillip Brandes, LA Times


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