By Nick Jones
Directed by Stella Powell-Jones

Fame, success and the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep people from taking away our erratic, 200-pound chimpanzee.

Featuring Malcolm Barrett, Bob Clendenin, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Laurie Metcalf, Jim Ortlieb, Jimmi Simpson & Brenda Strong





Directed with invisible ambidexterity by Stella Powell-Jones, this fable, inspired by actual occurrences, is structurally ingenious, animal and human perspectives interweaving in ways that swerve from hilarious to heartbreaking to house-stilling.
David C. Nichols – LA Times (Critic’s Choice)

From that opening, the play’s grim trajectory becomes inevitable. That it also proves such a deliciously laugh-packed ride can finally be attributed to the split-second precision of an inspired ensemble (which includes Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Malcolm Barrett, Brenda Strong, Jim Ortlieb and Bob Clendenin) and director Stella Powell-Jones’ flawless production.
Bill Raden – LA Weekly (GO!)

Nick Jones’s comedy seems at first to be either simply sitcom-esque, or else an absurdist take on a dysfunctional family dynamic. But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. What unfolds is a brilliant look at love, communication, identity, and humanity.
Vanessa Cate – Stage Raw (Top Ten)

100% SWEET on LA Bitter Lemons

Part comedy, part fantasy, part magical realism, “inspired by true events,” and ending in tragedy, Nick Jones’s Trevor is loopy and shaggy and outrageous and pretty great even though it ends badly for our two favorite characters. It also provides a master class in comic acting from the performers who play those characters.
Dan Berkowitz – The Los Angeles Post

This is a play that should not be missed. And, it must be mentioned that it is virtually BECAUSE of the 99 Seat Plan that Circle X Theatre Company is able to put the show up. If Actors Equity is successful in its plan to gut this boon to actors and small theatres in Los Angeles, the expense and red tape that would lumber Circle X might easily force them to abandon this type of wonderful work.
Michael Sheehan – OnStageLosAngeles

Circle X Theatre Co.’s production of Trevor is a true gem that makes venturing forth to L.A.’s live stages a rewarding endeavor well worth the effort.
Ed Rampell – People’s World

A stellar cast gives their all in the West Coast premiere of Nick Jones’ smartly written Trevor.
Gil Kaan – BroadwayWorld

Playwright Nick Jones has done something wonderful here. He has taken the very relatable notions of the American dream, and all that entails, and has completely flipped them upside down. For example, the appearance of Oliver (Bob Clendenin), a famous chimp that Trevor aspires to be, and who appears in fantasy sequences all clad in white, reminiscent of Ben in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. And much like Ben, he is there to entice Trevor, to show him the way his life could be. The glittering allure of what could be. He is the American dream. Perhaps the playwright is suggesting that the American dream is really only for those still gullible enough to believe it even exists. This is sort of a deconstruction of Miller’s America, a post-modern view of a new kind of dream. A dream of reality television and notoriety. Mr. Jones doesn’t just poke fun, he also adds a real human touch through Sandra’s character arc. She is a lonely widow who clings to the companionship and love she has with Trevor as a means of holding her life together. A balancing act that is a joy to watch Laurie Metcalf maneuver.”
Patrick Hurley – That Awesome Theatre Blog

So what play am I going to recommend for your theatre going pleasure? Most definitely ‘Trevor’ by Nick Jones of ‘Orange is the New Black’ fame. What presents like a comedy actually has deep sociological undertones…pretty fascinating the way it’s written and produced. It takes a skilled group of actors to pull it off, and who better than Laurie Metcalf, Jimmi Simpson et al. It would be unfair to go into much more without spoiling it for you, so I’ll stop here, but suffice it to say this play is not to be missed….especially if you’re in the “biz.” You’ll get an extra dose of wow!
Hettie Lynn Hurtes – KPCC

Ovation Recommended





"Circle X Theatre Co. performance of "Trevor" "

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Produced by Tim Wright
Associate Producers: Jen Kays, Katherine Haan
Set Design: Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
Lighting Design: Jeremy Pivnick
Costume Design: Elizabeth Cox
Sound Design: Jeff Gardner
Properties Design: Bethany Tucker
Assistant Director: Joseph Patrick O’Malley
Production Stage Manager: Shaunessy Quinn
Assistant Stage Managers: Stuart Taylor
Violence Designer: Ned Mochel

Through April 19
Tickets $28
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 8:00pm; Sunday, 2:00pm
Atwater Village Theatre
3269 Casitas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Free street and lot parking.

Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging for Circle X Theatre Co.