Love Loves a Pornographer

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AuthorJeff Goode
DirectorJillian Armenante

Dates: November 17, 2007 – January 20, 2008

Location: [Inside] the Ford at the Ford Amphitheatre


Ensemble, In Order of Appearance:
Fennimore (The Loveworthys' Manservant)Weston Nathanson
Reverend Miles Monger (A Critic)Jim Anzide
Millicent Monger (His Wife)Johanna McKay
Lady Lillian Loveworthy (The Lady of the Manor)Gillian Doyle
Lord Loveworthy (The Lord of the Manor)William Salyers
Emily Loveworthy (The Loveworthys' Daughter)Kathleen Rose Perkins
Earl Kant (Her Fiancé)Matt Ford

Production Team:

Produced byTim Wright
Jillian Armenante
Associate ProducerJennifer A. Skinner
Scenic DesignGary Smoot
Lighting DesignKarl Gajdusek
Costume DesignPaul Spadone
Sound DesignJillian Armenante
PropertiesAli Hisserich
Assistant DirectedAbby Marateck
Stage ManagersMel Stone
Kathleen Ressegger


Garland Awards:

Playwrighting: Jeff Goode
Direction: Jillian Armenante
Scenic Design: Gary Smoot
Lighting Design: Karl Gajdusek
Costume Design: Paul Spadone

Garland Honorable Mentions:

Production, Kathleen Rose Perkins,
Performance in a Straight Play

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards:


Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Nominations:

Featured Performance
Scenic Design
Costume Design


“Crisply directed by Jillian Armenante for Circle X Theatre Company, it stars an ensemble that steps perfectly into the era and classes… Armenante keeps the action flowing and the dialogue moving at a blistering pace, snuggly fitting in twice as much dialogue as would normally be delivered in a two-hour running time.” –Jeff Favre for Back Stage


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