Laura Comstock’s Bag Punching Dog

Dog 1
Dog 7
Dog 6
Dog 5
Dog 4
Dog 3
Dog 2
AuthorJillian Armenante
Alice Dodd
Chris Jeffries
DirectorJillian Armenante

Dates: July 16 – August 25, 2002

Location: 24th Street Theatre

Georges MeliesJim Anzide
Eadweard Muybridge & othersRichard Augustine
Adolphe LePrinceMickey Caputo
Thomas EdisonChristopher Carroll
Yvonne & othersBeatrice Rose Casini
Alice GuyAlice Dodd
Auguste Lumiere & othersJoe Fria
W.K.L. DicksonDavid Heckel
HoudinJohn Lovick
Lizzie LePrinceJohanna McKay
Automaton, Laura Comstock, and othersEmma-Jame Mezher
Simone, and othersMichelle Noh
Louis Lumiere and othersTim Sabourin
Marey and othersCasey Smith
Jehanne D'AlcyMichaela Watkins
Production Team:
Music & LyricsChris Jeffrie
Additional LyricsAlice Dodd
Jillian Armenante
Musical Direction and Additional ArrangementsPaul Hepker
Produced by Jim Anzide
Jillian Armenante
Set DesignGary Smoot
Costume DesignPaul Spadone
Lighting DesignKathi O'Donohue
Sound DesignTim Labor
Video DesignJillian Armenante
Projection DesignPaul Hepker
Stage ManagerJo Anna Underwood
Assistant Stage ManagersJennifer Hoyt
Abram Lewis-Rosenblum


Ovation Award:
World Premiere of a Musical

Ovation Nominations:
Costume Design

LA Weekly Award:
World Premiere of a Musical

LA Weekly Award Nominations:
Comedy Ensemble


“The concept here seems to demonstrate that invention is the break-through and the artist takes it from there. The play ends with a tribute to Alice Guy, whose many films were lost and forgotten and who died without an obituary at age 95. Melies also ended his career selling newspapers in the Paris Metro. It’s good to see these pioneers given their just due, if only in many little moments, by an ensemble of such talent.” — Laura Hitchcock, CurtainUp Los Angeles


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