Lascivious Something

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AuthorSheila Callaghan
DirectorPaul Willis
DatesMarch 27 - May 1
Location(Inside) the Ford at the Ford Amphitheatre


AugustSilas Weir Mitchell
DaphneOlivia Henry
LizaAlina Phelan
BoyAlana Dietze

Production Team

Produced byTim Wright
Jennifer A. Skinner
Associate ProducersCamille Schenkkan
Crystal Diaz
Set DesignSibyl Wickersheimer
Light DesignTom Ontiveros
Sound DesignJohn Zalewski
Costume DesignDianne K. Graebner
PropsAli Hisserich
Asst. DirectorLisa Szolovits
Stage ManagerTina Baldwin
Asst. Stage ManagerJessica M. Amezcua
PublicityLucy Pollak


“Sheila Callaghan has created a great premise and fascinating characters, her writing intertwining wine and blood and sex as painful but necessary life forces… the quartet of actors is superb … Director Paul Willis creates a highly energized, highly mysterious world.” – Backstage (Critic’s Pick)

“Director Paul Willis expertly torques the proceedings to their high-tension dénouement, while Tom Ontiveros’ subtle lights and John Zalewski’s rumbling sound effectively accent Callaghan’s incisive language.”- LA Weekly (Go!)

“Circle X’s production is first rate; under Paul Willis’ sharp direction, the performances snap and crackle.” – Los Angeles Times (Top Pick)

“Sheila Callaghan’s Lascivious Something, presented by Circle X, achieves its mythic ambitions to a surprising degree … more exotic romance than a score of Mamma Mia! tours.” – Variety

“This is a brave new work by an exciting writer and a show that should not be missed unless you’re a priggish teetotaler or have a heart condition. This play has a broad audience: fans of the hit film “Sideways,” lovers of Greek theatre and mythology, or those who are just passionate about pioneering new works. It is safe to say this play will be the toast of the town here and in its New York production.” – Eye Spy LA

“Lascivious Something turns into an edge-of-your-seat drama likely to appeal equally to fans of day-or-nighttime soaps who like things hot and heavy, and to fringe theater aficionados who prefer edgier, more challenging fare. It’s a crowd-pleaser that stimulates the intellect– and how many plays have you seen lately that can do both?” – Stage Scene LA

“Lascivious Something is a marked departure from Sheila Callaghan’s work as a writer on Showtime’s The United States of Tara… Sibyl Wickersheimer’s astute set design reflects the barren inner landscape of the complex characters, whose unfettered relationships with themselves – and each other – are inspired by Greek tragedy.” – Flavorpill LA


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