The Flu Season

Flu 1
Flu 10
Flu 9
Flu 8
Flu 7
Flu 6
Flu 5
Flu 4
Flu 3
Flu 2
AuthorWill Eno
DirectorJonathan Westerberg

Dates: February 16–March 29, 2008

Location: (Inside) the Ford at the Ford Amphitheatre


DoctorDavid Fruechting
EpilogueChristopher Goodson
WomanJamey Hood
NurseChristina Mastin
PrologueMichael McColl
ManTim Wright
UnderstudyDoug Sutherland

Production Team

Directed byJonathan Westerberg
Produced byJennifer A. Skinner
Set designTodd Sible
Lighting designCraig Housenick
Sound design and original scoreTim Labor
Costume designDianne K. Graebner
PropertiesAli Hisserich
Stage ManagersKathleen Ressegger
Heather Mickelson


“The Circle X Theater Company production of the show captures the play’s audacity and humor, bolstered by Jonathan Westerberg’s smart direction and a topnotch cast… Hood, who has been very good in such previous Circle X productions as “The Shaggs” and “The Brothers Karamazov,” tops herself with a superb performance that combines charm, subtlety and deep emotion. A moment in which she quickly glances to someone, hoping that sympathy still exists, only to find otherwise, is simply devastating. Where another actor might milk the realization for overwrought pathos, Hood’s Woman hurts, takes it in and makes an immediate effort to move forward — a simple, clear piece of acting as piercing and pointed as a needle.” — Terry Morgan for Variety

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