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AuthorCarlos A. Murillo
DirectorJonathan Westerberg

Dates: May 4 – June 2, 2001

Location: Hollywood Court Theatre

Friedrich NietzcheThomas Redding
Priest/Julius Klingbeil/Surgeon/Joseph GoebbelsJeff Marlowe
Lou Salom/Mother/SurgeonSuzanne Pirret
Elisabeth NietzscheBridget White
Bernhard FosterRob Nagle
Morgenstern/HeadmasterMarius Mazmanian
UnderstudiesRebecca Avery
David Franco
Julia Hamilton
William Salyers Jacob Sidney
Doug Sutherland
Production Team:
Directed byJonathan Westerberg
Produced byJacob Sidney
Assistant DirectorJenni Wieland
Set Design/Technical DirectorMichael Allen
Master ElectricianD.P. Wichert
Helper GuyMatthew Bretz
Lighting DesignMichael E.R. Habicht
Sound DesignJason Brice
Additional Sound EngineeringPaul Hepker
Costume DesignMarina Leone
Property DesignAaron Francis
Composer/Co-Sound DesignTim Labor
Graphic DesignerMark Hesselgrave
Scenic ArtistGillian Harwood
DramaturgeJonathan Winn
House ManagerSarah Lang
Sound Board OperatorAnastasia Basil
Light Board OperatorEmma Jane Mezher
Backstage AssistantsBrandon James
John Altieri
Ahmed Enani
Stage ManagerMaria Pavone


Backstage West Critic’s Pick


“Provocative, well-acted.” – LA Times.

“Another dynamic work by our town’s most daring and ambitious theatre company, which continually strives to find intriguing new plays and pull whatever conventional stops necessary to present them to us. As always with Circle X, my hat’s off for another bold and stunning artistic triumph.” – Entertainment Today


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