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AuthorBertolt Brecht
DirectorMichael Michetti

Dates: February 9 – March 11, 2001

Location: Actors’ Gang Theatre

Young EdwardSharon Bart
AbbotSpencer Beglarian
DrummerStephanie Bettman
Younger GurneyJames Caffery
AnneJillian Crane
BaldockAhmed Enani
KentJoshua Haber
MortimerDominic Hoffman
ArchbishopTravis Michael Holder
GavestonBrian McDonald
Lancaster/Rice ap HowellThomas Redding
DrummerPaul Rudolph
SpencerTodd Sible
Lightborn/JamesTodd Tesen
EdwardConnor Trinneer
Elder GurneyBradley White
Production Team:
Directed and Designed by Michael Michetti
Produced by Michael Seel
Assistant DirectorRichard Neely
Assistant Stage ManagersMatt Bauer
Andrea Ruth
Co-Scenic DesignJohn Altieri
Lighting DesignRobert Fromer
Co-Costume DesignPamela Shaw
Original MusicPaul Hepker
Original Drum ScorePaul Hepker
Paul Rudolph
Fight ChoreographyBrian Reynolds
Graphic DesignerRachel Flannigan
PhotographyMichael Lamont
ProgramJonathan Winn
House ManagerSarah Lang
SeamstressEsther Smith
Wardrobe AssistantGrace Yim
Production Stage ManagerScott Cheek
Stage ManagerHolly Gabrielson


Backstage West Critic’s Pick

LA Weekly Awards:
Supporting Male: Brian McDonald
Lighting design: Robert Fromer

LA Weekly Pick of the Week


“So powerful, so innovative, and so well acted, directed and staged, that it is hard to describe.” – Tolucan Times

“If you think classic theatre is not for you, think again.” – Nightlife Magazine

“Terrifying, ravishingly picturesque, and dramatically exciting.” – Entertainment Today

“Circle X continues its courageous journey toward a unique and stunning place in the local theatre scene.” – Park Labrea/Beverly Press


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